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What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover provides a driver with assistance if the vehicle they are driving breakdowns. Breakdown cover is an optional service

Do i need breakdown cover?

Check with your insurance provider as it may already be included in your insurance policy under optional extras. Also, if you have just bought a new vehicle the car manufacturer may include a breakdown recovery service for a period of time.

If I can not start my car at home can I use the service?

Most providers will not include home start, but if not it can simply be added during the buying process if required. 

which breakdown cover is best in uk

The competition is fierce. Number one today could be number 2 next day. The best advice is, do your research, read not only reviews, but check what people are saying on online forums.

Is pay as you go breakdown cover available?

Yes, increasingly providers are getting the message that it is only fair to pay less if you are an occasional driver in comparison to say a travelling salesman.

Do I need personal or vehicle cover?

Most providers of breakdown cover in the UK offer an option of personal breakdown cover or vehicle cover. Personal cover will provide you the driver with breakdown cover regardless of the vehicle that you are driving. 

Vehicle breakdown cover will only provide cover if the vehicle that is covered breaks down. On the plus side any driver that has permission to drive that vehicle can use the cover. This makes it perfect for family breakdown cover.

What is the estimated call-out time?

With competition stiff, you will see providers make reference to this statistic. It is simply is an average of how long that you will wait before help arrives.

Will European cover be included as standard,

This is an option extra and can be added to your initial breakdown package or it can be added later. A popular product is single trip European breakdown cover.

Is immediate breakdown cover available.

The service will normally start 24 hours after payment, this is to stop misuse by applying when you have actually broken down. The AA offer instant breakdown cover, but at a premium. They say " Call 0800 88 77 66 and we’ll come and rescue you today". Below we have listed the average wait time before policy becomess effective with some leading providers of breakdown cover.


Roadside Cover Available From

Full Cover Available From

GEM Motoring Assist Reviews

12.00 midnight the following day after purchase

24 hours after policy bought

Which countries are included in European breakdown cover?

This can vary from provider to provider, but expect the popular destinations to be included, such as France, Spain and Germany. For a complete list read the details provided by the provider before purchase. 

Does breakdown cover cover accidents?

Yes, cover will extend, but you will have to pay for any repairs. The repairs should be covered by your vehicle insurance policy.

Can you get breakdown cover for a month?

Yes, some,  but not all will provide an option to pay monthly. Monthly is a great option if  you need short term breakdown cover.

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