Taxi Breakdown Cover

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  • Unlimited call outs
  • Vehicle Home Start Available
  • No Excess or Callout Charges
  • Covers the Driver and Up To 7 Passengers
  • Up to 1 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Cover for Cars, Vans, Motorbikes & Fleets

Taxi Breakdown Cover

Taxi breakdown cover is specifically issued to the professional driver that transports people from one destination to another for reward. This service is available for both taxis and private hire vehicles so repairs to the vehicle are possible and assistance in helping the passengers get to their destination can occur. 

taxi breakdown cover

What is taxi breakdown cover?

Taxi breakdown cover is specifically designed to assist the professional driver of people in getting their passengers to their destination when the taxi is disabled. It also provides a means to get the taxi repaired so the driver can continue to earn revenue.

Are all taxi breakdown covers the same?

No, not all taxi breakdown coverage's are the same. This is due to the different levels of cover that can be taken out by the professional driver. It is true most of the basic breakdown covers are similar, it is the add-ons and costs that will vary in the insurance industry.

What is basic taxi breakdown cover?

The basic breakdown cover includes the dispatching of a mechanic to the scene of the disabled taxi that is at least 1 mile from the registered home residence of the policyholder. The mechanic will attempt to repair the taxi and make it roadworthy again. If this can’t be accomplished in less than an hour, then the taxi will be towed to the nearest repair garage. The distance of towing the taxi varies in the insurance industry, but can be 10 to 20 miles from most firms.

Onward travel for the occupants of the taxi is provided, but to only one destination in the UK.

Are there any add-ons available to taxi breakdown cover?

Yes, there are several things that can be added to the basic cover for more protection and services.

  • Home assistance is available so a mechanic can go to your disable taxi that can be at your home residence or within 1 mile of it and make repairs.
  • Nationwide recovery is the same as basic cover with the addition of the disabled taxi will be towed to the destination of choice by the policyholder. The only restriction is the destination has to be in the UK.

With taxi breakdown cover a driver has help available to them with just a simple text or phone call. This makes it possible for assistance to arrive on the scene and commence repairs or have the taxi towed to a garage where repairs can be made. It also provides the means to get the passengers to their destination.

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